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A Simple Hack For Your Trading Goals

I want to share with you a concept that you have to start implementing right away in your trading goals. There are lots of articles online on how to craft your ultimate profit plan so I won’t go into crazy detail on how to do that here. Pretty much, just write SOMETHING down is better than...


We Are All Traders

I was having a conversation with a guy I had just recently met and the inevitable question came up, “So what do you do for a living?” He had been working as a manager at a local department store and didn’t sound too enthused by it. I went on to tell him about my businesses and mentioned that I...


How To Overcome Techno-Babble

The hardest part of being an experienced teacher, especially in the stock market and trading space, is lowering your language so any newbie person can understand what the heck you’re talking about. (Here’s a quick funny video of an example of Techno-Babble) We are...