At BTG we like to keep the trading process as simple as possible.
We typically use only a 4-step framework. We first start at what we call the "Bird's Eye View" which is either a 4-hour or 1-hour chart.
Since all the market does is cycle we want to be selling into strength and buying into weakness.

Next step is to recognize and point out all of the Context on the chart. Context is the key. If we're selling, we want to make sure there is proper price structure to give the trade that added edge.

You'll notice in this live Crude Oil Futures trade how the price was at a massive Supply zone to the left. The bears had already proven multiple times they see value at this price so it was simple to know to look for a sell trade.

Nothing is 100%. The whole goal of the 4-Step Trading Process is to keep us in the BEST trades so that we can maintain a high win ratio.