There is a two-step process to double your confidence in your trading day.

First, you have to take 10-20 minutes every night scouting the market and understanding the current market sentiment on the Bird's Eye View and Worm's Eye View. (Good thing for you we do this for you)

Second, you have to pre-plan and visualize every single trade and find the highest probability zones. (Again, we do this for you as well and provide the charts so you always know where the best zones are to trade.

Now that you have your Plan of attack you just need to hit the market with patience and discipline and execute your Plan.
Your confidence should be sky high.

Watch here for a live /YM Futures trade off the BTG -1 Deviation. Notice how we visualized this zone 16+ hours in advance. We get the move that we anticipated the night before and we bank the green and then move on.