One of the biggest acronyms in trading is, "P.O.S.", which stands for "Probability of Success". The entire goal of a trader is to find trade setups and levels that you subjectively feel has a higher chance of succeeding than any other level on the chart.

What can be difficult about trading is literally speaking any time you buy/sell the market there is a 50% chance of price going the direction you want. Our job here at BTG is to help traders define market "edges" so that you can increase the P.O.S.

You'll see in this live trade example on Crude Oil Futures how the highest P.O.S. trades will be found on what we call the "Bird's Eye View" and then you use the smaller time frames or what we call the "Worm's Eye View". In this specific trade, you will also see by having BTG Charts we knew to wait to enter on the BTG +1 Deviation.

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