With BTG being 5+ years old, we've seen all the good and all the bad from our trading community. Typically when a community member messages us and they mention that they have been struggling with their trades the very first thing we ask is, "Are you making and recording a nightly Trade Plan just like we teach to do?" No joke. 99% of the time they say, "Uhh...nooo". (Roughly 1 out of 100 will say they are actually making Trade Plans.)

If you have been trading for any amount of time you now have realized that you can't just "wing" your trades. It doesn't work. You have to have a set Plan in place and the biggest reason why is so that you can control your fear, discipline, and greed.

There's such a HUGE advantage in being a BTG Member. You should always be making your Plan but then you get access to our nightly Trade Plan video and you can compare and typically we can add even more commentary on levels that you might have missed. When you have BTG Charts at your arsenal creating the Plan is a breeze. BTG Charts always reveal the highest probability trading zones.

Here's a great example of this on /ES Futures. Notice how the level we sold was all pre-planned 12+ hours in advance.

You can get a FREE 14-Day Trial of our nightly Trade Plan and BTG Chart's right HERE