A great paragraph on twitter I saw that I loved and knew I had to share. Via Lance Beggs

"I continue to see discretionary traders consumed by the need to know with complete certainty, at all times, exactly what is happening in the markets and where price is heading next.

Isn't it much easier to accept that there WILL be times of uncertainty? Times of ambiguity?

Times when IT IS OK TO NOT KNOW?

At these times, accept that you're lost and just watch. Wait. As more data unfolds at the hard right edge of the screen, eventually the structure will reveal itself. Or price will break from that area and form a new structure.

You will never have complete certainty.

But you'll have a better chance of seeing and exploiting edges if save your energy for those times when you feel in sync with the price movement and have some degree of confidence in your read of market bias.

Until then, relax. Wait for something better.