If you've been trading for any amount of time you now are starting to realize that this "game" is 70%-80% mental and you can't just "wing" it in the stock market.

You need a solid Plan and Process and that's where we come in.

There are 3 main elements that you need to learn to control. Traders need to simultaneously lower their fears and increase their patience and discipline. You can do this by using the BTG "4-Step Trading Process" PDF and having BTG Charts.

You lower your fears by educating yourself on how the market actually works and why the market moves the way that it does. Second, you increase your patience by understanding structure, supply, demand and context levels. Once you know what an "edge" looks and smells like you'll then have the patience to wait for only the best trades. Third, you increase discipline by following a set of "rules" or "steps".

Watch here in this live Forex trade and see how we can accomplish all of this by using the information found in the BTG Training Center coupled with the "4-Step Trading Process" PDF.

When you're finally ready to start leveling up and stop the "guessing" and "fear" trading we're here for you and we can't wait to get you started in our Membership: https://btgcourses.com/p/btgtradingmembership