In our nightly Trade Plan video that we send to all BTG Members, not only do we specialize in finding levels to trade off of for the next 12-18 hours, we will also pinpoint high probability levels that will likely become relevant in the next 3-5 days as well.

In this live trade on /ES, we show a great example of this and how for 5+ trading days we're locked and loaded for this possible support level.

The bottom line is, whether you can catch every trade idea or not isn't the point...the point is being able to get the Trade Plan every night and start watching, learning and absorbing how the market behaves and cycles.

Getting our nightly Trade Plan video every night will be the best stock market education you can possibly find.

You can get a FREE 14-Day Trial of our nightly Trade Plan video plus the BTG Thinkorswim charts right HERE