The hardest part of being an experienced teacher, especially in the stock market and trading space, is lowering your language so any newbie person can understand what the heck you’re talking about. (Here’s a quick funny video of an example of Techno-Babble)

We are not naive in the point that as experts when we try and explain concepts, we aren’t making any sense.

My biggest goal as a trading educator is to help the new person. I want to introduce the amazing opportunity you have at your finger tips once you learn the skill of understanding stock charts.

Stock charts can be extremely intimidating for a brand new trader entering the markets and we are always looking for innovative ways to make the learning curve as simple as possible.

First, to make the learning experience more enjoyable, we invested into new technology to deliver our courses and content. It’s already heavy (as Marty McFly would say) what you’re trying to learn and there shouldn’t be any barriers to getting the knowledge. The software should be smooth and intuitive. CHECK.

We just launched our brand new BTG Education Platform that is sure to delight any avid course taker. This is the best course content delivery in the marketplace today.

Second, we completely re-imagined from the grond up how to teach and train a brand new trader entering the scary world of trading. What I did, was I brought my wife into the studio (who is a complete newb) and taught her everything from A-Z on how to read a stock chart and create a Trade Plan.

What this does, it forces me to not use “techno-babble” and to make the concepts simple and to find analogies along the way to help her understand. This in turn, helps you, as the student, learn right a long with her.

Here’s something you need to understand. There is a billion dollar market to keep making you think that trading is hard and you need to pay THOUSANDS to finally understand how to trade.

We want to prove it to you that we are fulfilling our mission as being the highest value, lowest cost NADEX and market provider in the marketplace today.

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Everything comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

We can’t wait to help you in this journey and don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions you have!

Stay Disciplined,